We’re Two Soul Mates Both Married to Someone Else

Question: Hi Luise: I hope you are well. I am desperately reaching out for your help!! If you know who your primary soul mate is in this lifetime and you have been with this person in past life times how do you get them to realize it in this lifetime. I’ll provide you with some background information. Me and this man know that we have a wonderful connection and feel we are soul mates -we can feel it. We have been with each other for the past 7 years. I have done past life regression and know that he is my primary soul mate, that we have not had any bad karma connections and have come together in this lifetime. The problem is that both of us are married. He feels too dedicated to his child and spouse to leave; therefore loving two women, feeling completely confused and wishing he had a crystal ball. I truly believe that he’s my soul mate; however at this point do not know where to turn. I love this man. I have a connection with him that I have not felt with any other man, including my husband. I strongly feel that we are supposed to be connected in this lifetime. Am I wrong? Are we going to connect in this lifetime or am I completely wrong? And if I am wrong, how on earth do I move on when I feel this strong connection. If we are supposed to be together how do I make this happen. I am all ready to make a transition on my side, how do I get him there? I speak to my angels and guides all the time and there’s something there that keeps saying ‘don’t give up, give it time, have patience, it will happen soon.’ Is this the right message I should be getting? Is this really my angels or my ego speaking to me. Any guidance you can provide me would be so helpful. I eagerly await your reply. Love and Light, Lisa

Answer: Dear Lisa: I believe that often the forks in the road we come to can offer two positive choices because lessons abound, some harder than others, wherever we go. However, if one of you wants to become a couple and the other one doesn’t feel able to do that…then it just can’t happen. There isn’t anything you can do. Your choice is yours…and his is his. Certainly, a seven-year affair is no solution at all.

I have a very close friend who just went through this very difficult issue. Twenty years ago she and her soul mate both left their spouses for each other. However, he couldn’t reconcile his actions with his religious beliefs and went back to his wife. My friend went back to her husband and moved to another state where they had and raised two children. My friend’s soul mate recently left his wife and contacted her. She left her family and they are together. They both tried to get over it for twenty years and failed. What’s right? I have no idea. I do feel that living a life of despair and pretending you aren’t doing that can often be just as dishonest as some of the other options.

What you need to do is to agree. I think it’s sad that two people so in tune can’t do that. You can’t take action alone and neither can he. Something/someone has to give. You both know in your hearts that you need to end it or honor it to be able to move on. Blessings, Luise

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