How Can An Isolated Senior Volunteer

Question: Dear Luise: I am 80 years old and love having email and being able to connect with my family. I also enjoy columns like yours. I feel like I have company when I read your posts. I was wondering if there are any senior sites where people like myself can volunteer or help. I get lonely, since my family is so far away. I am not done living yet, but it is hard for me to get out so volunteering in my community isn’t much of an option. Do you have any ideas on where or how I could volunteer and help on the Internet, such as you do? Thank you, Marla

Answer: Dear Marla: Well, it is nice to hear from a kindred spirit. I would like to know if you might want to discuss your lifestyle with me in a little more detail in another question? Would that idea appeal to you? Lonely can be depressing, and eventually dangerous. Isolation, no family near…can be defeating. I have some suggestions on those issues, if you are interested.

OK, on to the Internet. It looks to me like elder wisdom is fast becoming a resource of value in our society and there actually is a place where you can offer yours. It’s a website very aptly named . People of all ages send in questions on all kinds of subjects and senior volunteers just jump in and give them a hand. Take some time and read the archived questions and answers to get started. See what you think. Then try your hand at it to see if it feels right to you. You have the computer savvy! Good for you!

I believe that being useful is one of the greatest life-extenders and health enhancers that is available to those of us who have been around for a while, and that’s exactly what that website is for. I will be having my 79th birthday in a month, and as of that day, begin my 80th year. Lots of water has gone over the dam and under the bridge for both of us…lots of lessons learned. Life is simpler and easier…why not share the goodies?

That’s why I would also like to get into your living situation with you, as I mentioned above, if you’re interested. I’d like to take a look at where you live and how. What could be changed for the better? We often get used to things as they are and don’t think of rearranging our lives at such a late date. Why not? Blessings, Luise

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