Selling a Vintage RV

Question: Dear Luise: I have a friend with a 50’s vintage, Viking trailer about 40 feet long. It is all knotty pine inside and in darned good shape. I was going to sell it for her. Any ideas where best to put an ad? Thanks, M.

Answer: Dear M.: It sounds like a beauty and will probably make someone a very nice home. I have found to be the best place to sell a used RV. Other people may have a different experience, but the coverage is so broad that most of the time the response is immediate. That’s because people who are looking for something specific are constantly checking it. I have used it twice and sold before the sun went down. Be sure you know the correct length; the tongue is included and it’s on the title. Get good pictures, inside and out, for your ad and (you probably already know this) be careful to get cash or a money order before your friend signs the title over. No exceptions! Also, make sure the Bill of Sale says “As is.” Blessings, Luise

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