Why Can I See through the Lies of Others

Question: Dear Luise: How is it that I know that I’m being lied to? It really doesn’t seem to matter who is doing the lying, whether it’s a stranger, family member or friend. I just know. I do not wish to be in tune to such a negative action. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much. Six

Answer: Dear Six: Your guess is as good as mine with this one. If you’re a believer in past lives, then I would postulate that it is a skill you came in with. If not, it is probably still a skill you came in with.

Not wanting the skill is just adding more negativity to the situation, don’t you think?

I believe if it were me experiencing such clarity, I would declare it on occasion and on others, keep quiet about it. Some liars don’t care what you think and some will deny it no matter who sees through their ruse.

I can think of situation in my own, long life when it would have been priceless to have your built-in lie detector. It involves a time when my husband and I put our life savings into a scam. The guy is in jail but so what? We lost everything along with a lot of other people, some of whom were very sophisticated investors.

So, why not keep your skill in you vest pocket “just in case”? Blessings, Luise

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