Second Hand Smoke

Question: Dear Luise: My daughter in law and my son recently spent the night with my new grandson in the morning I asked her how the baby slept well she was very angry and said the house got the baby sick from third hand smoke and they left .We dont smoke inside the house and for her to accuse us of getting the baby sick I feel was wrong now they do not want any thing to do with us. Can you please help. M.

Answer: Dear M.: That was pretty slim. Your clothes smell of smoke of course and so does your breath but if you smoke outside she was really reaching. Either she has a real obsession about smokers or it’s about something else entirely and she is using that as an excuse. You know and I know and no doubt they know that the baby getting sick had nothing to do with you.

Can you prove it? Probably not because they aren’t going to listen. I’d like you to bring this issue over to my Web-forum: . I started it over two years ago as a support system and healing site for women with issues with their adult children and extended families.

Your adult children make the rules when they have establish a new family unit. You have to abide by them, fair or not. It’s a lot to have to deal with and totally unfair. You deserve so much better. Blessings, Luise



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