Safe Storage For Our RTS Bus Motorhome

Question: Dear Luise: We have an old, RTS Bus Motorhome that we lovingly converted ourselves but we don’t like to park it in our drive. We are thinking about joining a camping club, but have some concerns about security since it’s a one-of-a-kind rig and we would only be there once in a while. How do you keep your place secure and free of break ins of both the human and animal kind. (We loved reading your story about the squirrels!) Any suggestions on how to keep your RV secure while you are away? Thanks, Elizabeth

Answer: Dear Elizabeth: Well, you got me there. I’d never heard of the kind of rig you own and obviously love so dearly. I had to go to the web and read up on it! Fascinating! I bet the travel trailer manufactures and motorhome manufactures could learn a trick or two from people like you.

The camping club I belong to has 24-hour security patrol. That does not guarantee no break ins but it sure stacks the odds in our favor. We also do a kind of RV Neighborhood Watch. When someone is there, we check the units around us, and when we see someone stop, we check them out, too. We don’t just store our RVs there, we often camp there, too.

Since my park, Port Susan Camping Club, has been established for almost thirty years, there are many old-timers there, and the varied activities that keep people moving about definitely discourage theft.

Many of us have constructed roofs over our RVs. We feel they create a much longer RV lifespan and improve motorhome performance. We keep unwanted critters away by removing all foods, keeping our units squeaky-clean and plugging all possible entrances. Most of us have tried the popular rodent deterrents and have ended up spreading good, old-fashioned mothballs around.

Check out camping clubs in your area. Talk with people that use them. Ask them what they like and don’t like. Who knows, you may even find another RTS Bus Motorhome buff! Blessings, Luise

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