Safari Motorhome Owners Looking For RV Park Recommendations

Question: Dear Luise: We are retired, full-time RVers and are enjoying our Safari Motorhome to the hilt. What a wagon! It still seems too good to be true. We really enjoy all of your articles… not just the RV ones, but RVing is what this question is about. Do you have an all-time favorite RV park, or even a couple of them? Which are the ones that bring you the fondest memories and why? Ted and Mavis

Answer: Dear Ted and Mavis: How much time have you got? (Just kidding!)

Close to home here in Washington, I would have to say that the Deception Pass State Park on Whidbey Island is our top pick. It’s a park with a salt-water beach and lots of trails. There’s even a lake. We are both camera buffs and we never tire of the totally astounding shots we have gotten from and of the Deception Pass bridge. We find side trips around Whidbey Island fun and we also like to tour the neighboring attractions, such as taking a ferry trip in the San Juan Islands from the Anacortes terminal on Fidalgo Island. Lots of great seafood, and beach combing available, too. Are you getting out your maps?

Another close-to-home spot we favor is the Camano Island State Park. I think we have hiked every one of their wonderful trails at one time or another. We like to go down to the beach, (it’s also in the San Juan Islands), and watch boaters put their crafts into the water. Quite a skill! The park is full of deer, raccoons, coyotes, and of course, the pesky, adorable squirrels never cease to entertain us. The rangers there are very accommodating and there’s a self-guiding nature trail that we like a lot.

A private park in Michigan, a stones throw from the Mackinaw Bridge was one we kept “staying another day” in, but for the life of us, we can’t remember the name of it. If you’re ever in that neck of the woods, it’s East of the bridge and on the water. Easy to find. We loved taking side trips to Mackinaw Island and also crossing the bridge to the Upper Peninsula where it always seems so much wilder and more remote. There are picnic sites everywhere. We liked that, too.

Another park a long way from our homebase we love to visit is the Teddy Roosevelt National Park in the badlands of North Dakota. It’s less than 300 miles to Mount Rushmore and less than 500 miles to Yellowstone National Park, so we like to hang around a while and take them all in when we are “in the neighborhood”. The roads and trails in that park are gorgeous and the wildlife is everywhere. There’s even a paved trail! Watching bison graze has always been a peaceful experience for us. So is counting how many of their seemingly endless varieties of birds we can identify. The beauty is haunting…huge, wide-open spaces. The quiet speaks volumes.

Do you want to let your Safari Motorhome follow in our tire tracks? Blessings, Luise!

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