Can Breckenridge Park Model RVs Work for The Handicapped

Question: Dear Luise: Is there such a thing as a Breckenridge park model RV designed for a disabled person? My wife and I were serious RVers for several years but her arthritis finally put a stop to that. Now, keeping our house up from a wheel chair, which she insists on doing, is becoming too much for her even with my help. We read your article about the possibility of elderly care in camping clubs and that’s what brought this question to mind. We don’t have much money but selling our modest home would allow us to go to a camping club for the summer if we could find a park model that would work. We spend our winters in Southern California. We asked specifically about the Breckenridge because you have spoken so highly of it. Yes, we will go to a dealer, but we’d like to be as informed as possible when we do. Thanks so much, Leon

Answer: Dear Leon: I can’t say that there isn’t a unit like that made by Breckenridge, I’ve just never heard of one. The only park model I am aware of that is specifically designed for the disabled is the Hygienicare Dis/Ability Park Model RV – 403 made by Turtlehomes. Check it out at their website: .

It’s such a specialty item that I don’t think most manufactures cater to that market. I haven’t actually seen the one I am describing but it sounds like it is totally set up for your wife’s needs. The counter heights, range and refrigerator…everything in the open kitchen is wheelchair accessible. The bathroom is set up the same way. Obviously the exterior doors are wider than normal as well. The design lacks the multiple partitions used in most RVs which allows for wheelchair maneuverability. It’s really unique.

If you want a smaller space to maintain, and you like the woods, this may be a great solution for you. Certainly you want to run your house, not have your house to run you. It sounds like what was once just the ticket is now taking up more of your combined time and energy than either of you are willing to continue supporting.

Please don’t assume that the camping club of your choice will accept the Hygienicare Park model. Get the specks and talk with the people in the sales office. As far as I can tell, it’s the size of a normal park model RV.

This is a big decision and if you are extremely careful, it could provide a wonderful new chapter in your lives by creating emancipation for both of you. Blessings, Luise

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