RVing for Single Women

Question: Dear Luise: I’m a 52 yr young single woman. I have more recently become interested in RVing. The idea just really appeals to me. One I think because I think it can be Fun and if I travel and take up some kind of work on the rd it can be very doable financely. At least from what I’ve read. I guess my question is How realistic is this? I have no savings to work with {long story} Also I not thrilled about traveling all alone just because I love people I understand there are groups,to go with but I ‘d like that person next to me to talk too along the journey. I am also seriously considering living full time in a camper set up in a park for a yr or so to live cheaper. With the idea this would hopefully give me a bit of a cushion to syart out with. I came across your site & thought You would be the perfect person to ask & throw arround my idea! Tks a bunch! A.

Answer: Dear A.: Since I have been off the road for a while, I would like to suggest that you join the Escapees at www. Escapees.com/ They will offer you current answers to all of your questions and many you haven’t thought to answer. They have many sub-groups like women only and working women. It’s a camper-owned club not a commercial adventure and they have a marvelous camping club in Livingston, TX.

Please also go to www.portsusancamping.org for another prototype of a camping club where you could live for a while and maybe use later as a home base.

Lastly read “RV Travel Tales: Women’s Journeys in The Open Road” by J. Hall and “Full Time RVing: How to Make It Happen” by S, Minshell. Amazon has both. Blessings, Luise

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