Senior RVing Advice Sought

Question: Dear Luise: You have made reference to having spent several years traveling in RVs of one kind and another. You’ve even talked about doing retreats in a stationary RV. Would you be willing to share some of your experiences and lessons with us and other interested seniors who are starting out on that type of retirement adventure? We know this is a departure from what you’ve been doing, but there’s no harm in asking. Thanks. Mike and Barb

Answer: Dear Mike and Barb: Well, you sure caught me off guard with that one!! I had to kick your idea around with my web master, since it would be a different format for a while. He assures me that we can do it if I want to.

So yes, I think it might be fun. It’s true that my husband and I spent about five years RVing all over the US and Canada, and that I was a single RVer before our marriage. I have referred to some of those times quite naturally in responding to questions of one kind and another.

We never gave up our home, so we always had a place to return to. Full-time RVers don’t always do that. But we did downsize before we hit the road. I guess I need to stop right here because downsizing before taking off would be one of the adventures you allude to in your question, right?

I can tell you right now that I have no idea where to begin. There’s no way to make it neat and tidy that I know of. It feels like my stories and experiences will just surface, willy-nilly. If you and my other readers can put up with that, I’m game.

You suggested the subject for my first article by mentioning my stationary RV retreat in your question…so I will run with that for starters. Let the fun begin and thank you!! Luise

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