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Question: Dear Luise: Do you insure your RV? We have finally gotten ours paid for, so we no longer have to insure it. We’re wondering which way to go. We store it in a camping club like you do. It’s not worth very much, about $7,000. If you do insure yours, do you have a favorite company? And tips? Thanks, Glen and Edna

Answer: Dear Glen and Edna: Everyone seems to have a different opinion about this. When my trailers had a high value, I insured them whether they were paid for or not or whether they were on the road or in a park.

We used our regular insurance company because my husband is a retired insurance executive and we got a good rate. If you are going to get quotes and belong to either or both the Escapees Club and Good Sam, don’t forget to contact them.

At present, I don’t have insurance because my trailer blue books for nada.

While we’re talking about insurance we need to talk about safety. For instance…I have friends whose trailer burned down to ashes in nothing flat because they had some decorative lights on it that shorted out. They are often not made well and are not reliable to leave unattended. If you are going to be away and want to leave the heat on, don’t use an electric heater with moving parts or leave a furnace running. Get one of those electric heaters that use oil to sustain heat and have no moving parts. The same goes for electric blankets. Turn them off when you’re not there. Don’t leave fans running, for the same reason…moving parts can wear out.

Some camping clubs require proof of insurance and others have stringent safety requirements. A fire in a park is pretty terrifying. We have only had a few and they have been quickly contained but the danger of spreading is always present. This is especially true if your camping club is in a dense forest like mine is.

My camping club, Port Susan, requires that we keep an outside hose hooked up and available at all times. A good idea whether required or not. Precious time can be lost getting the right equipment to fight even a small blaze. Watch campfires closely, too…you can easily ignite a deck or trailer from a campfire gone wrong.

Talk to other trailer owners about why they do or don’t insure their RVs. The more information you can glean, the better your decision will be. Blessings, Luise

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  1. J. April 2, 2009 at 9:52 am #

    Dear Luise: I am about to buy and hopefully refurbish a 91 Georgie Boy, 28 foot motor home. I am single but have a tiny bit of help in doing this. I want to paint all the walls off white to brighten it up add wood and/or linoleum floors and new carpet in cab. I also want to take out old built ins and add my own armoires, hoosier and a few other homey touches. Well my question is will this be too much of a weight change and do the built ins add structure strength? I want a very happy ceery place as this will be my home maybe as long as it or I last! 🙂 So I have a Mary Englebreit theme in mind. Any words of advice?? Thanks, Judy

    • Luise April 2, 2009 at 12:16 pm #

      Answer: Dear Judy: I had so much fun doing that kind of cozy thing to my Argosy. I even put in an electric fireplace!

      Regarding your well thought-out questions concerning the possibly that your redecorating might change the original weight and strength specs, I would suggest that you contact: http://www.georgieboy.com/ and get the straight scoop. Happy Trails and blessings, Luise

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