RV Camping Advice For The Holidays

Question: Dear Luise: We read about the Cougar Fifth Wheel 276 on your site and are seriously looking at one. Thanks! But here’s my quesstion. I have been wondering, since we are going to be retiring and will become full-time RVers in just a few months, what you do about holidays? Would you be willing to give us some RV camping advice for the holidays? Is it a real bummer to be on the road and away from everyone near and dear? How do you compensate, or don’t you? Maddie

Answer: Dear Maddie: Enjoy your Cougar! Keystones are great! And thanks for the very timely question. As you would probably imagine, there are so many kinds of folks out there RVing over the holidays that there are endless ways to do it.

The first thing I want to mention is how close people become when they are “out there”. Not “chummy-intimate”, necessarily, but supportive and sharing. There is a kind of unspoken creed afoot with the full-time, RV crowd or “lifers”, as they are often fondly called.

Many parks have meeting centers and marvelous potlucks on Thanksgiving and Christmas. You are talking some major cooks when you look at my generation, if I do say so myself. All of us have our favorite recipes and most of us love to show off.

It takes a little discernment to find the group you are the most comfortable with. On my first Thanksgiving on the road, I happily joined a group that invited me to a private RV on Thanksgiving. They were all knee-walking drunk by dinner time. Not my thing. I ended up alone in my rig with a huge casserole of my “special”, apple-walnut dressing and nothing else, in tears. Lessons come and lessons go.

Some years a bunch of us have gotten together at one of those all-you-can-eat buffet places. We’ve also turned up at fund-raiser dinners that were advertised locally…with our bibs in place, (figuratively speaking), and had lots of fun.

The point is you are seldom alone, unless you make a gross error in judgment like I did the first time. I obviously didn’t use my head. So my RV camping advice for the holidays is to know, without question, that discerning RVers never need to be without family because they are family to each other! Blessings, Luise

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