Camping World For Motorhome Accessories and Travel Trailer Supplies

Our initial experience was that motorhome accessories and travel trailer supplies were often hard to find and overpriced. The solution, for us, was a magical store called Camping World. They claim to be the world’s largest RV supply store with over 8,000 items to pick from, and to be truthful, we’re inclined to believe it. They are part of the family but more about them later in another article.

As our years on the road mounted up and our rig aged, we found we wanted to make some changes. Having a cup of coffee at a neighbor’s RV sometimes introduced us to updated motorhome furniture and new motorhome awnings, for instance. Then when we got back to our own unit, we couldn’t help imagining improvements here and there.

It’s now possible to browse and do a lot of initial research and shopping on a computer. Back then, we ordered general supplies from their catalogues. Larger purchases enticed us into their store. What a wonderland! This is a little hard to admit, but going there became a kind of excursion…as in “entertainment”. We got so we sometimes went with nothing special in mind, telling ourselves it was “just to see what’s new”, but I don’t think we ever left empty-handed.

When we bought a new mud skirt there and wanted it installed, they did it for us. That’s another thing we liked, their service department. (And no, Camping World doesn’t know I’m writing this.) My point is that we wanted to keep up with new options, pay fair prices and have satisfactory installations and it was great to be able to count on that. Now, they even carry Select motorhome mattresses that let each person set their own side of the mattress to the firmness desired. Can you beat that?

The whole experience of RV camping has expanded to make it as luxurious as you could wish. When seniors got into it, seriously, comfort started to outweigh the “roughing it” concept for many couples. A whole new industry came out of that and now the Boomer generation has endless options we never dreamed of when we started out. We have never been more aware of that than when we check out the ever-changing motorhome accessories and travel trail supplies, something we still love to do!

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