Do You Still Use Campgrounds In BC Or Are Border Crossings Too Difficult

Question: Hi Luise: Have you crossed over the border to Canada and used any campgrounds in BC since 911? I am just wondering if crossing the border is a bigger hassle these days. I am a little nervous about it. We own a Roadtrek Camper Van, which is a Class B motorhome. We have friends in Canada I would love to see this summer. How about Mexico? Any experience there? My friends were talking about taking our RVs to Baja Mexico in the spring? Any suggestions or tips? Thanks, Karla

Answer: Dear Karla: Our border crossings into Canada all pre-date 911 and it was a hassle then. I hear it’s not all that different now unless you get into a situation where someone suspicious gets stopped. If they deem it to be dangerous, then it takes forever…for good reason.

One of the things we learned is to cross where there is less traffic. For instance, instead of taking Washington’s I-5, we went North and crossed over on Highway 9. We also entered Canada farther East by traversing Glacier National Park in Montana and then heading North from the East side of the park. We found marvelous, clean campgrounds in BC and all across Canada. They are very hospitable people!

The last border crossing we made was by ferry and even with reservations, it was a long and boring procedure to get from point A to point B. So, since we never tire of the astounding beauty of our Oregon and Washington highways and bi-ways, we eventually settled for RVing closer to home.

Have you thought about taking the train to see your friend in Canada? They have a much more efficient border crossing process it seems to me. You would have to leave your lovely Roadtrek Camper Van behind for that venture. I’m a firm believer that RVs are wonderful for almost everything. And like small children, it’s occasionally wise to leave them behind.

You can find out a lot about Mexico crossings on the web. I have absolutely no experience with that. It’s done a lot and there are many people who go every year. We’ve seen some gorgeous travelogues, especially the train trip where the RVs are loaded up and hauled over the mountains and the Baja trips. The efficient design of you Roadtrek Camper Van would lend itself well to either or both. Blessings, Luise

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