When Should You Replace a Lost Pet

Question: Hi there: I wanted to ask a question because I’ve been getting many conflicting answers. When I was 12 years old I got a blue heeler puppy called Cassie, who became my very best friend. I loved her very much and always wanted to do things in her best interest. I’m 23 now, and five weeks ago Cassie passed away. People have been telling me conflicting things about when to go and look for another dog. Some friends at work said go and pick one straight away, the next day even, but another one said wait about a month or so and then look. I went to the animal shelter to find a dog that is older and needs a home, but the lady at the shelter said it was too soon, and that she had a man in there who waited five years before he looked for another dog. I’m not sure if I’m being disrespectful to Cassie to look for another dog, if this lady was so blunt about it. I’ve been to two shelters, and the general feeling I’ve gotten about them is they don’t seem like they think I have any idea how to look after a dog, (even before they ask anything about me). I know I am a good owner who would put their animals first. I want to get a rescue dog eventually, but they seem really, really hard to adopt from, like I have to prove to them that I am good enough to look after one of their dogs. When should I start looking at getting another dog and where would be a good place? Thank you for your time, Kellie

Dear Kellie: I don’t know anything about your living situation…whether you still live at home or have your own place, in the city or country, or how much of the time are you with your pet. Things like that factor into this situation.

You did well by Cassie for a long, long time. I would think that would be enough to prove your ability to care for a dog responsibly.

There is no right time. Everyone is different and what works for one person is not the right answer for someone else. Follow your heart.

Why not by-pass the organizations and watch the paper for someone who wants a good home for a pet? People become old or ill, have to move away, have a baby…there are a lot of reasons pets have to be given up. Or you could run you own ad telling how you lost your dog that was with you for half of your life and would lovingly take one that needed a home.

You have a lot of love to give, and there’s a dog out there for you, someplace, that wants to love you back. If all else fails, get a friend to get you one. Just don’t give up! Blessings, Luise

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