Will I Move To The United Kingdom

Question: Dear Luise: Will I settle in the UK? Sareetha

Answer: Hi Sareetha. Another name that is new to me, and lovely. When you ask a question that way, it suggests that you don’t feel like you are in charge of your life. You aren’t a piece on a chessboard to be moved around by some unseen force. And I’m not a soothsayer who can predict your future. Agreed?

OK, lets look at the other possibilities…like your having something to say about how it all turns out. You would like to relocate. Is that the case? If so, it’s time to look into what needs to be done to set that in motion. Do you know anyone else who is preparing to do that? If so, talk with them about what the legal moves have to be and how you can get started. Look it up on the Internet and see if there are forms you can initiate and procedures you can familiarize yourself with. What are the prerequisites? Do you meet the requirements, if not…can you prepare yourself so that you will in the future? Be your own soothsayer. Get deeper into your dream. Picture yourself already there and visualize what it will be like for you. Take an active part in making it all come true. Blessings, Luise

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