Why Does Red Wine Give Me Headaches

Question: Dear Luise: What can I do to keep from getting a headache when I drink red wine or grape juice? This also happens when I eat red grapes. Looking for the benefits of Red Wine in Michigan. Thank You. Sharon

Answer: Dear Sharon: There are definite, proven benefits that can be gained from drinking red wine moderately but the same benefits can be obtained in other ways. Talk with your doctor about this.

Apparently the sulfite in red wine can be very dangerous, (as in life threatening), to the people allergic to it but the kind of symptom you describe, headache, appears to be related to the histamines present. Here is a website where you can read up on this and a quote from that source:

“If you find that you get stuffy or headachy after drinking wine, you are most likely reacting to histamines, a common allergen that occurs primarily in red wines.”

Your body is telling you that it’s not for you. So the best thing to do is to stop drinking it instead of looking for a way to avoid the reaction you are having. Blessings, Luise

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