It’s A Toss-up…La-Z-Boy Recliner or Kountry Star Motorhome

Dear Luise: This may be a silly question to ask you, but I am having a hard time convincing my husband to get out of his La-Z-Boy recliner and drive our Kountry Star motorhome to Texas for the holidays. We moved to Florida when we retired but our family and friends are still back there. Did you ever have the problem of trying to get your husband off his duff and on the road? I miss being with our family over the holidays and I am looking for an angle that might spur him into action. We’re too young to sit at home! Myra

Answer: Dear Myra: Well, no, I’ve never had that particular problem. Val was always up for any plan that would take us to far away places with strange sounding names…like Forth Worth and Dallas.

Please note, however, that it’s only four days until Christmas, so I think you’re out of luck for this year unless you get in a trip to Texas for New Year’s Eve. These things take time! You could also run into some weather, depending on what route you took. Why not settle for giving your guy a copy of the KOA Campgrounds Directory and a Yogi Bear Campground Guide for Christmas? Too subtle?

So, what’s up with you two? Does your husband feel your motorhome is only for summer jaunts when Florida gets too hot and sticky…(or is that just a rumor?) If so, how about learning to pilot that gorgeous rig yourself or do you have an alternate driver in the family? Sometimes the way to move an immovable object is to ignore it. Like, ”Honey, would you like to buzz over to Texas to see the clan or should I just head out with _____?” Another approach might be to talk with a guy-friend of your husband’s in Texas who shares some special interests with him and wrangle an invitation from that quarter. Too sneaky?

If you have two very different ideas about the holidays, another idea is to spend Christmas and New Year’s with him, and fly to Texas for the week in between. Yes, I know…nobody gets to use your rig that way. I’m just looking at what other options you might have since wintering in matching La-Z-Boy recliners doesn’t seem to appeal to you. Too boring? Blessings, Luise

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