Raised My Children in the Bronx

Question: Dear Luise: My husband and I have raised both of our boys in Bronx, NY and our 22 year old son is blaming us for raising him there. We are hard working, educated and Christian family. Ever since he has moved out last year we have been fighting with him about us raising his younger brother there. It is very painful to hear him go on and on about his terrible experiences, while we love the Bronx. E.

Answer: Dear E.: One of the things young adults often do when faced with the awesome experience of being responsible for themselves, is to blame others for real or imagined imperfections. If he can establish within himself that you didn’t do your parenting right…it may give him as sense of power as opposed to helplessness. Consider the source, a very immature person, and the cause, probably very normal and natural insecurity…and know that you did a great job…and you still are!

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