Pleasing Your Man

Question: Dear Luise: What can I do to keep my man happy? L.

Answer: Dear L.: What makes one guy happy, bores the next guy, infuriates the next one and the one after that doesn’t even notice. Every guy is different and so each one has his own idea of what is wonderful and what is awful.

Womane’s magazines used to be loaded with advice on this subject. But when you looked at men’s magazines, the articles were about them and their interests…not how to please their wives. Isn’t that intereting?

I would suggest a different approach. What can you do to please yourself that would make you a more complete, happier, greater to be around person? It isn’t your job to make your man happy…that’s his job. Every one of us is responsible for our own happiness. When we take on another person in that way, we create co-dependency and pathology.

If you love yourself fully and give yourself the best possible treatment, you will bloom and grow and people will want to be around you and will feel great in your presence. That’s the gift that keeps on giving! Blessings, Luise

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