A Heritage Park Model RV Started Us Thinking

Question: Dear Luise: We visited a nearby camping club recently and looked at a used, Heritage, park model RV on a lot. We loved the RV but not that particular site. Even though living in a camping club is a new concept to us, the idea of living part of the year there is appealing. (We’d probably spend the summers visiting our families in Canada.) We also saw a lot we loved that was vacant, and one equally attractive that already had an older Breckenridge park model RV on it. We’re not too crazy about the layout of that model, and are thinking maybe we would prefer a new one. What is your advice about a new purchase? How do you relate it to an investment? If we choose to buy a new park model, and move it onto the lot of our choice, what happens in a couple years if we decide it isn’t our cup of tea? Do you think we would lose our shirts? What to do? Delphie

Dear Delphie: Well, you’ve gotten off to a good start by not doing anything. Research can be a very valuable tool. Touring camping clubs and looking to see what’s available and what appeals to you is a good way to get an education and avoid costly mistakes.

I would suggest that you visit several dealers who sell park models to get a fix on prices. I especially like the Breckenridge, Heritage and Woodland Park park model trailers. I would not recommend you buy one. See what floor plans and exteriors attract you. Then head back to your camping club better able to evaluate the “almost new” park models available.

Park model RVs depreciate just like cars. The way to get what you want is to connect with a salesperson you can work well with at the camping club of your choice. Let him/her know that you are very interested in looking at lots with used park models on them. Don’t look at one on a lot that you don’t like and consider moving it no matter what the salesperson tells you. That would cost big bucks.

People change their minds, become ill, remarry, etc. and have to sell. Some will finance the unit for you and some will have a contract that you can assume. If you need your own RV financing, go to www.RVLoansAmerica.com.

How badly they need to sell determines how much negotiating room you have. Don’t be bashful. You don’t know if what you can afford will be accepted or not until you put it out there. And please be patient. That Heritage Park model RV won’t work but something else will. Plan on saving thousands. Then if you have to sell, you’re covered. Blessings, Luise

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