Out of Control Three Year-old

Question: Dear Luise: Due to child custody, my 3 year old granddaughter spends equal times with both parents–every other weekend and 2-3 nights a week. When she comes back to my daughters, she’s angry, wild and out of control. When disciplined, she cries that she wants her daddy and will say mean and hurtful things to my daughter. What can I do to help both of them? I’m afraid my daughter will start to resent even having her daughter come home. It’s already having an effect on her. D.

Answer: Dear D.: It’s pretty obvious that joint custody isn’t working for the little tyke. I would see an attorney as soon as possible to set up the framework to have a psychologist make a recommendation to the courts. She needs consistency in her life. I have no legal background but I just can’t believe that the courts would continue with such a recommendation.

No one is unhappier than the child is in this situation…and she is fast becoming hard to love…which will hurt her further. You’re right, she deserves better and legal intervention is indicated from my point of view. Blessings, Luise

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