What’s Wrong With One-night Stands

Question: Dear Luise: I am interested in your thinking about one-night stands. I don’t think they are as terrible as people say they are. We never know what’s in the future. Don’t you agree that there’s a possibility that you might find some chemistry that could be the beginning of a full-blown relationship? Why is it looked on as such a crime? Thank you for at least considering talking about this. Kaylie

Dear Kaylie: One night stands, as far as I know, are defined as having sex with someone you don’t know. If that’s not your take on it, you’d better write me again. If that is what you’re referring to, then they went out with high-button shoes. It’s a dangerous world out there!

Can you possibly believe that such a situation holds the potential for romance? If so, where have you been?

Do you know that once-upon-a-time there were only two diseases you could get from indiscriminate sex and both were treatable if detected early? Are you clueless about the odds of your contracting a STD these days that could kill you…slowly and brutally? Haven’t you learned anything at all about how unsafe “safe” sex can be?

Having a one-night stand with a stranger is playing Russian roulette with your life. Where’s you head? Besides STD, why doesn’t the risk that the guy could be a psycho cool your jets? There’s also the risk that he has a wife. Doesn’t that concern you at all? Where’s the romance in that?

Protect yourself. Learn about survival. Go out with people who are recommended to you by someone you trust, and take your sweet time. Get to know the guy. Let him get to know you. Has it ever occurred to you that “chemistry” can be detected intellectually? That attraction can have some depth?

Letters like yours terrify me! Please get a grip! Blessings, Luise

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