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Question: Dear Luise: I have an old Pathfinder mobil home out of Spencer, Wisconson that has no tag for serial # the tongue has been removed, the wiring replaced and the water heater area removed. All the logical places to find a serial #. The problem is I can’t get insurance on my land without it. The only thing I can find is a MHMA TCA regisiterd #1460507 any way to find the serial # from this? B.

Answer: Dear B.: The VIN number is usually what’s required. Sometimes it’s impressed into the metal of the outside of the cross brace that the tongue is attached to because of the practice of removing the tongue. It’s a terrible place to try to get to. You have to remove the paint and carefully sand it to find the indentations. And it’s a long shot.

Often the serial number becomes useless when the manufacturer goes out of business. Records are not kept indefinitely. I would ask the person who is going to sell you insurance for some help. He’s going to make a sale and get many renewals if you do business with him. My experience with the DMV has been varied. It seems to depend on the person who waits on you…some can get pretty tired and disinterested…while others will move heaven and earth for you. Good luck, Luise



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