No One Cares


Question: Dear Luise: My mother who was 71 was diagnosed with colon & liver cancer 7 month’s ago. She has lived with my husband & I over 2 years. My mother was my best friend, & the best mother “EVER” I was her primary care giver out side of her home health care nurse. There is 7 of us kids. 2 of them are step kids. Over the past 10 years I have been there for my mom. I would not have it any other way & family respected that. My mom just passed away 10 day’s ago & I am “DEVASTATED” all my siblings live out of town & I feel all alone. My only friend said there are 3 people in your life… Your mom, daughter & husband. My mother has passed. My daughter who is 27 and a heroin addict who I love very much will probally die soon. My husband has expected me to get over everything after my mom’s service or he’s leaving me. I don’t know what to do or where to turn!! I am 47 & have no one!! Please help on what to do!! I am just “DEVASTATED!!!” I don’t no what to do. I feel sooooooooooo alone!!!!!! Everyone expects me to just get over it & get a back bone & stop feeling sorry for myself. NO ONE UNDERSTANDS!!!!! I have tryed telling them. As I have always been the glue in my family. Now I am hurt & no one cares!!!!!!!!!!! K.

Answer: Dear K.: I feel you need more than an answer. It seems to me that you need a loving and caring community to help you through this. Please come over to my Web-forum: www.WiseWomen . Blessings, Luise


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