No More Will I Coddle Him

Question: Dear Luise : my 24 year old son is addicted to oxycontin, i have given him thousands of dollars,because it broke my heart to see him sick. I also was an addict but never when he was little i dint start doind drugs until i became an empty nester.however i am now on methadone and have been for 5 years i always try to encourage my son to get on methadone.  well now he is and  he has decided he hates me on facebook he tells people im a no good drug addict that stays in bed all day waitinf for dope,he constabtly lies and has always been my mothers favourite and she could neve stand me she says i am dead to herim sure her gossip has gotten to my son but he is 24 he calls me a flea  whore it doesnt matter whos around he has no respect and i cant handle this anymore i have been depressed for a year now he just does not stop how do i let go for me please any advice foolish as it sounds i was a great mom i dont know what happened other than the fact my mother is poisioning my son when he used to visit me my mom couldnt know hed say well now he started methadone and he really hates me. No more will i coddle him he is mean i am scared of him as well.  please advice thank you. N.

Answer: Dear N.: I think you are wise to remove yourself from the drama. It’s up to your son to either get himself straightened out or live a miserable life.

Please think about yourself and how you can make your own life more to your liking. There are a lot of programs when you are ready. You deserve better. Blessings, Luise

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