No Contact With Sons

Question: Dear Luise: My sons (20yrs & 16 yr,s) dosen’t feel like to talk to me since they know I want to seperated with their dad.  They never reply my TXT, and my 16yrs old had change his mobile no, since I move out from the house, when I ask him his new no, he just smile and never give me any answer. I really miss them, but I can’t contact reach them at all. Best regards, W.

Answer: Dear W. Please see a good attorney as soon as you  possibly can. Moving out was probably something that has complicated the situation. Your elder son is old enough to be allowed to make his own choices…and of course, you can’t change your younger son’s attitude. You need immeditae represensation and counseling on how to proceed and I don’t hae a legagl background. Blessings, Luise

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