How Negative Thinking Impacts Success

Question: Hi Luise: I am beginning to notice how negative thinking impacts success, as I worry a lot at work about how I fit in. I feel so different than everyone else, and would love to feel and be recognized. You see, someone at work whom I feel was not as qualified as me got the promotion I felt I should have had, which makes me wonder if it is because I don’t think like everyone else. At the same time I don’t want to compromise what I believe just to be like everyone else. Do you have any suggestions on how I can become more positive about my self and my workplace? Is there a positive thinking technique that you know of that might help me? I really could use a promotion at work to boost my confidence and help me feel I am not in a dead end job. Thanks Teresa

Answer: Dear Teresa: Many years ago I went to a seminar where the leader asked those who felt they “fit in” and were “normal” to stand up. No one did. We all feel “different” because we are, and none of us fit, totally…we’re too unique. You couldn’t be like everyone else if you tried, and they can’t be like you.

That said, it sounds like a little positive thinking skill would be a good thing for you to develop. Take a look at the web site: and see if that appeals to you. I have found it very helpful in building a stronger self-image. As a member of their Adventurers’ Club, I signed up to get their daily email messages and I love them. I also bought the set of CDs called Infinite Possibilities and found them to be very helpful.

TUT stands for Totally Unique Thoughts and they teach that energy follows thought. So, what you think is of great importance. The more positive…the better! The author, whose name is Mike Dooley, offers some very specific steps for positive thinking that I feel you could apply to advantage in your desire for a promotion. I have used them in my life to great advantage.

Good for you for noticing how negative thought impacts success. Just by doing that, you are changing direction! Blessings, Luise

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