I’m Seeking Deliverance From Negative Thinking

Question: Dear Luise: I’m trying to find a way to offer myself deliverance from negative thinking. In my own life, there is nothing that’s not working well. Where I get into trouble is obsessing over the issues of those near and dear. I’ve read several articles on positive thinking but I can’t see that my efforts ever seem to lighten the burdens of others. To be honest, I almost feel guilty for how well my life is going, but at the same time, I really have had to learn a lot lessons, too. I feel so badly for what is coming down for my family and friends, and I also feel totally helpless. How can I get out of this trap of my own making. Thanks, Lucy

Answer: Dear Lucy: Good for you for seeing that your have created your own misery! I am all too familiar with your problem. It’s a very hard lesson to learn to offer up whatever daily positive thoughts you can for someone and then let go. What’s the point of having worked your tail off to create a smooth life, if you are stuck in the bumps in the road that others are experiencing?

I have learned a meditation that works well for me. I have no idea if it will work for you or not but you might want to try it. You sit straight in a chair with your eyes closed and visualize a triangle. Focus on the lower left corner and say, “ I am present for myself.” If your thoughts wander, bring yourself back to that statement without adding anything to it. After several minutes, visualize the top of the triangle or pyramid and say, “I am present for God.” Use you own word…like Source or Heart or whatever works with your own belief system. Again, bring yourself back if your mind wanders, (because it will), and keep repeating that thought and focusing on it. When you feel ready, visualize the right hand corner of the triangle and focus on those you love and are concerned about. There is no need to identify their issues or request any solutions, just say, “I am present for______.” When you are ready…move on another person or family or group if you want to.

When you finish…know that you are complete until the next day, when you will again make the same or similar positive thinking statements in the same order. You come first because you are the initiator, God is next because you believe…and the recipients comes last…after the foundation and peak are in place, forming the triangle. The rest of the day is for you. Please let your self feel the peace, joy and gratitude that are yours. Negative obsession erases positive feedback.

Remind yourself during the rest of the day that each person is on his or her own individual path. Everyone calls in the lessons they need to address and it is their task and privilege to work their way through them. They aren’t yours. All you are doing is sending positive energy to aid them in their struggle to resolve what needs to be attended to. So, it follows that your deliverance from negative thinking is actually in your own hands. Blessings, Luise

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