Needing Guidance With Adult Son

Question: Dear Luise: Can you give me some guidance or resource within the metropolitan area where I live to assist me with my son, an only child, who sporadically has problems in his marriage that seemingly occur when he and his wife encounter problems generally having to do with his contribution towards household finances and intimacy he expects from his wife who he says uses this as a way to control him.  Whenever he has these problems, he verbally attacks me – his mom – and charges me with the cause of his problems even going back to the time that I had to raise and care for him as a divorced parent – for 30 years!  He is so abusive that I just have to back off from him until he calms down. Within a few days he calls me with an apology.  His language is so abusive that it leaves totally inept for a few house and sometimes for a few days. I feel that I cannot take it anymore and want to move away and not have anymore to do with him or his family. H.

Answer: Dear H.: This problem has become so rampant that I have created a Web-forum to address it. Please go to: Blessings, Luise

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