Need Data on the Wolfe Travel Trailer

Question: Dear Luise: I bought a 1964 Wolfe travel trailer without knowing a thing about it. I tried to do a little research before I purchased it, but I really couldn’t come up with much about the brand.   I know it comes from Michigan. I believe it was made there. I have asked around.  Nobody has heard of Wolfe.  Do you have any idea how I can find out about my trailer? Thanks, C.

Answer: Dear C. I know about the Wolf trailer but I know nothing about the Wolfe. I think I would go to and see if any of those sites might produce the history and data you are looking for.

You could also write to the State Historian in Lancing Michigan and ask for anything that might be stored in their commercial archives about that company. If it was made in Michigan, and you find out the city; you might also contact their Chamber of Commerce for further information. Blessings, Luise

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