My Wife And Mother Don’t Get Along

Question: Dear Luise: I have been struggling with issue for the past five years.  My wife and my mother had some arguments in the past.  I have tried to get involve and try to fix the situation but it backfires.  Now this has caused a split between my spouse and I.  My wife does not call my parents and this is a serious concern for me.  Even if my mother calls, she doesn’t say much to her; very very, very generic conversation and less than 3 minutes most of the time.  How should I handle this?  It is killing me and I talked to her couple of times already but with no solution. J.

Answer: Dear J.: I applaud you for being concerned. This happens more often than most people realize and many men just try to pretend it isn’t there.

Would you consider coming over to my Web-forum with your issue? The name does not limit it to women. Men come there, as well, to work though issues with adult children and extended families. A community can be much more supportive than a question and answer venue in such situations…which is why I created it over two years ago. I hope to see you there. Blessings, Luise


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