My Son’s Wife

Question: Dear Luise: My story is much like “Shut Out by our Daughter-in-law”.  I have talked and talked to my son but he seems to careless how our family feels.  They do have a 2.5 year old and we beg to see him, but it rarely happens.  Her family has full access and as a baby we were pushed away, ignored, and treated like we had no part in his life.  Her mom tells her but it just causes family termoil.  I have in the last year broken strings with them all, but my heart is broken.  We love this child……I am consumed by the hurt and can not seem to let go of it.  It is the most painful hurt I have ever gone thru.  I try and try but no matter what I do it does not matter.  Oh but when she need something? She is like honey dripping off the tree, when that is over. She goes back to being the same way the next day until she need something again which, is not offten.  I want to share memories of every holiday, daily living, and so on just like her family. But we are at the mercy of her and it is hard to bare.  My heart is so shattered……When I am at work I hear many stories of what grandparents have  shared with their grandchildren, and it makes it worse.  I am like what is wrong with me that I am being punished this way.  Hurt has grown to almost anger.  And I do not want to feel this way.  I just want a life with my only grandchild. I have tried to talk to her but she can not
not even hold a conversation with me, and laughs with her friends at what she has done. It is not funny to me, and I am bitter about it and hurt so bad that I can not even explain how I feel.  We love her, and she is a beautiful person on the outside, but the inside is soooo ugly.  I have never had anyone to treat me as tho I am a speck of dirt.  Just hurt beyond measure. K.

Answer: Dear K.: I have a Web- forum for women who are facing issues with adult children and extended families. Beside interacting with me, you will find others there who listen, care and share. Please come over to Blessings, Luise

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  1. BC March 31, 2013 at 7:32 pm #

    I pray every day that this does not happen. I am very close with my grandchild and I realize any day she could push me out of his life. I do some heavy sucking up. I will keep u and other grandmothers in my prayers. B.

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