My Son Has Shut Down

Question: Dear Luise: Thank you for taking my question.  My adult son’s best friend and room mate died last week.  My son whose 34, had to do cpr but his best friend was already dead.   My son’s life has completely turned up side down.  I reached out with support but now he’s shut down and I don’t know what to do for him.  He lives 2 hrs away from me.  I offered for him to stay here at the house but he thanked me and said he has to go to work a few days after the memorial.  I try calling and he doesn’t answer the phone.  Do you have any suggestions?  God bless, K.

Answer: Dear K.: That is really sad and I’m so sorry. All you can do that I know of is what you have done. You have been there for him and you have let him know that will never change.

He may not be taking your calls because he is unable to deal with your kindness. You are left guessing. He may have been gay and no one knew it and he can’t share it. There are so many possibilities but that’s all they are.

I know you will keep him in your prayers and it is my firm belief that a mother’s prayers are powerful beyond our knowing. He’s in mine, too. Blessings, Luise

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