My Son Has Turned On Me

Question: Dear Luise: My husband filed for divorce in 10/2009, we have a daughter that is going to be 20 in Feb, and a son who is going to be 18 in Nov.  He has nothing to do with my daughter for unknown reasons, however the problem is he has not turned my son totally against me. I just moved out 08/27/10 after I finally found an attorney who told me I could move out, although he filed for divorce he wouldn’t move out.  The problem is he has involved my son since day one, if fact my son is now his mouth, if the ex want’s to say something it comes out of my son’s mouth, and of course I have turned into the bad person here.  The whole situation is breaking my heart and legally I can’t do anything because he is going to be 18 in Nov.  I send my son messages frequently telling him I Love him and & Miss him.  Do you have any other suggestions? M.

Answer: Dear M.: I have created a Web-forum for those of us who have had to deal with your issue. Please come over to You will find so much support there and much needed understanding. See you there! Blessings, Luise

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