My Mother is Really Awful

Question: Where to start?  I am 24 married with one child.  My mother is married. I am seriously considering breaking up with my own mother. My father took me from her when I was 6 she didn’t see me until i was 16.  I moved in with her and she has tons of animals (like a hoarder.) I try to talk to her about it because I’m worried and she gets defensive and tells me I’m stupid. I hate her husband so I rarely if ever speak to him. Since they’ve been married they turned into “swingers.” I hate it. I try to talk to her about it then her husband butts in and calls me names. SHE SAYS NOTHING, just tells him to go to work. This morning though it exploded into a slapping match. i care about her but I can’t deal with her anymore help! She won’t get counseling and I can’t fix it alone. M.

Answer: Dear M.: Yup, it’s time to close the door. Good for you for seeing that it’s not yours to fix. Your own child doesn’t need role models like that around. Blessings. Luise.

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