My Image Is Totally Spoiled

Question: Dear Luise:I am in a relationshp since 6 yrs wid a guy but recently a guy came in my lyf n i fell fr him as well bt my old bf dindt brkup wid me so m in a relatnshp wid both of dem bt my old bf doesnt knw all dis n dis new guy keeps on telng me dat i mst leave my old bf n’ wen i tried to leave dis new guy every1 in my colg strtd hatng me, my image is totally spoiled. S.

Answer: Dear S.: You can’t run your life on what you think others want you to do…or by being at the effect of their reactions to your behavior. The primary concern here is what have you learned about your self? What have you learned about honesty and loyalty and decisiveness?

Your life is ahead of you and you’re at the age where building character will stand you in good stead for your mature years. I would suggest you get counseling if you can’t sort the situation out and act in your own best interest. Blessings, Luise


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