My Granddaughter Ignores Me

Question: Dear Luise: My granddaughter was two and 1/2 last Christmas when they came to visit for three weeks.  Three or four times when I went to sit with her or put her to bed she said “I want you to get away from me”.  This is our only grandchild so I was quite devastated.  Also, when I come in to the room and say with a friendly smile “Hi “, she just ignores me.  Her father says she ignores him too.  But still it is very disappointing.  What is your take on this? A.

Answer: Dear A.: Some children are more interactive than others. Some don’t trust “strangers” and don’t recognize that a blood relative isn’t a stranger, if they don’t live close by and see each other often. She may also just be doing the “terrible-twos” or if she’s really bright, she may be finding that she gets more attention that way. Time will tell. Blessings, Luise

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