My Daughter Changed Overnight

Question: Hi Luise: my eldest daughter has changed a lot in the last couple of years she has carried a lot of other peoples problems on her shoulders and always been there for them, She has been diagnosed with a pituitery tumour and is on heavy duty the last few weeks she has seriously turned on me and can hardly stand being with me and talking on the phone is a verbal assault on me. I have NEVER said or done anything to hurt her, we have always been very close. I don’t know what to do next I keep saying I’m sorry but I have done nothing to be sorry for, she has said some very cruel things to me , do I give her space and put some distance between us ..please help….thank you sincerely. L.


Answer: I would make an appointment ASAP with her doctor and then ask if she is perhaps reacting to medication or the tumor itself…and what might work from your end. Often when a person does that, it is not reported to the doctor because it seems realistic and indicated at the time to the one behaving that way. It’s definitely not you! Blessings, Luise.

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