My Boyfriend Won’t Introduce Me

Question: Dear Luise:  i found this website and i am hoping to have some
clarity.  After dating for two years i have asked to meet his mother,
he said it will ruin our relationship!  He lived with her, shared a
house with her (i still haven’t seen the house, i have asked him to
show me) and then shared a flat with her, (he is a bachelor)he still
buys her groceries, clothes and personal items, visits her, phones her
etc. I have asked him a few times and there has been no effort from
him for me to meet her.  He has met everyone in my family. What do i
do? Thank you for your time. S.

Answer: Dear S.: Two years, in my option, is a long time to have this unresolved. To me, it seems like it may represent both insecurity and mistrust on your boyfriend’s part. That’s about him, not you. Do you want to put any more time into a relationship that carries those components? That’s for you to decide. Your boyfriend is showing who his is and who he can’t be. I wouldn’t advise a show down, he’s perfectly within his rights to protect himself from you, if he needs to. I would move on and find a guy who didn’t need to do that. You deserve a lot better. Blessings, Luise


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