Future Montana Campground and Spa, Part of B & B

Question: Hi Luise: We have 50 acres of land in Montana that could include a small campground. Right now we just operate a bed and breakfast on the property. There’s also a spa and hot tub, and we could easily find local therapists to come and give massages to visitors. We’re trying to think of a way to market our B & B as a destination retreat center, and feel we need a stronger drawing card. Simply put, it’s hard to get people to come all the way out here without a reason. Do you think that seniors would come if we marketed our B & B as a senior, RV side trip? I don’t see a problem with having 4 or 5 RV’s parked here at a time. My question really is, do you think seniors would travel to the ranch, would enjoy being pampered, take walks on the nature trails, do a little fishing, maybe ride a horse, or ride around in our golf cart on our trails? Would a destination getaway to a pristine area seem appealing? Any ideas? Thanks! Pauline and Sam

Answer: Dear Pauline and Sam: Well, you seem to have some good ideas in the cooker. So, let’s think about this. First of all you need to see how your location connects the major routes that RVers take, both East/West and North/South. How far are you off those beaten paths?

You’ll also need to look into the zoning laws where you live regarding creating RV sites. Even for five, you will need sewer and electricity, plus a shower/bathroom building. Most RV enthusiasts want to stay in their own rigs, since that’s what they’re for. However, breakfast being part of their parking fee might be a welcome change for most of them.

You need to find out about the clubs that have newsletters like the Good Sam and Escapees Clubs and see about doing some advertising, once you’re set up. And of course you need to crunch the numbers first regarding the improvements and what you would plan to take in…to see about feasibility.

Something different always has an appeal and you have mentioned several attractions that could make a stop at your Montana Campground and Spa a great experience. Blessings, Luise

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