How Can We Protect Our Monaco Motorhome From Salt Air

Question: Hi Luise: We love to take our Monaco Motorhome to the ocean, but what is the best way to protect your RV from the salt? I know salt promotes rust and I am seeing some of the chrome on our RV showing some signs of wear. Any suggestions? Thanks, Beth

Answer: Dear Beth: That’s a good question and it is best approached at the time of purchase. When you already have a RV, you may find the one you bought isn’t very user-friendly around salt air. I have seen many models of Monaco Motorhomes but have no idea which one you have.

The regular chrome cleaners don’t help at all, because the chemical action that takes place permanently damages it. There are products you can coat the exposed metal on your RV with, but once you have damaged the surface the beauty can’t be restored. The best you can do is retard further pitting. Beyond that, you can take it in for the best undercoating you can get after it has been rigorously steam cleaned.

The way to approach this issue is to take the bull by the horns when you are ready to buy your next RV. We thought we might want to spend a significant amount of time on the ocean, so we purchased a Toyota Sunrader that could take the beating that goes with the view. We were so glad we did that because we ended up staying in one place, right at the edge of the high-water line of the Pacific Ocean, for eighteen months!

What we did was talk with RV dealers, (who will often tell you want you want to hear, as you know)…but we still found out that the Fiberglas RVs were the way to go and that the molded ones fare the best in salt air. If sheets of Fiberglas are put together with metal seams, you could still be in deep trouble down the road. The one we got was in two pieces, top and bottom. The seams were all treated and we had a super undercoat put on it. Many miles, and years later, it brought us top dollar.

So, do what you can do protect that Monaco Motorhome and then look at their Fiberglas models when you are ready to trade up. Compare them to other makes to put yourself in the best, possible “ocean-here-we-come” driver’s seat! Blessings, Luise

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