Have You Heard of This Before

Question: Dear Luise: We just bought a “Mair and Son’s INC” travel trailer. The title says it is a 1963 “Chino”. Have you heard of this before? It has a really cool front window that curves around to the sides. Thanks for your help. Respectfully;

Dear M. No, that’s a new one to me but countless trailer companies have come and gone over the years.

I really like the wrap-around window concept. My Argosy, which was made by Airstream, had that feature and it totally took away the sense of being shut away in the dark that many trailers unfortunately present.

I had such a great time completely redoing the interior of that vintage Airstream. I hope you have the same experience, if you take that on. Some don’t need it but mine was trashed. I made it into a very cozy place with braided rugs, a cuckoo clock, glider rockers and even a fake fireplace/stove. Blessings, Luise

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