How Do I Meet People

Question: Dear Luise: Where do I go to meet someone interesting? I want more friends and maybe someone special in my life. I know the Internet is unsafe and my experience with blind dates have been disasters, without exception. Any ideas? Casey A.

Answer: Dear Casey: When you talk with people you will find that they met their friends and mates in all kinds of settings. I know a happily married couple that met in a Laundromat. A dear friend met her guy waiting for a plane. Nurses meet patients. I have another friend who met her man on a bus that they both rode every day. There’s no end to the stories.

I met my husband on a blind date. We both went to shut up a mutual friend who was determined to introduce us. (Believe me, when we married after five lunches, do you think we were ever able to shut her up after that? LOL!)

What I want you to see is that chance meetings and encounters happen. Everyone I have referred to above had one thing in common, a natural friendliness…an open willingness to interact with others.

If you see yourself as shy and withdrawn, then you have some work to do. It’s time to get more active in your church or join some other groups. Look into Toastmasters, do volunteer work, take some study courses. Everyone you meet isn’t single but everyone you meet knows someone who is.

If you need some help branching out, look into what others are doing and ask to go along. Be willing to try new things and to enjoy friends without a needing a partner. Start having a good time just for the heck of it. The happier you get the more appealing you will be.

Be curious and ask people about themselves and share about yourself. Learn to be a good listener and a willing contributor. Expand your interests and horizons. You are unique. We all are. Celebrate life. Blessings, Luise

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