Are We Overdoing It, Medically

Question: Dear Luise: I would like to ask if we are overdoing it if we bring yet another specialist into the medical problem we are having with our son. We already have an allergist and a regular doctor. This has been a long-term situation, and now we’ve heard about a person who is a Medical Intuitive. What’s right here? Anna

Answer: Dear Anna: We have all heard horror stories about multiple doctors, each with no idea of what the others are doing; some even prescribing medications that might be counter-productive to the overall picture. As parents it’s often really hard to find the balance between too much care and not enough, so that the child doesn’t fixate on being ill but still gets the best care possible. In this case, you are also thinking of checking out a field that a lot of medical people haven’t yet embraced. For that reason, there’s the possibility that you may get some resistance from your existing practitioners.

Why not look at this from a lighter perspective? It wouldn’t do any harm to see what the intuitive has to say, would it? As in all professions, there are those who know what they’re doing and those who wish they did and hope you don’t figure out that they don’t. Professional people are still just people, after all, and you have the law of averages to contend with. I would do some research here, if you haven’t already. How did you hear about this person? What kind of credentials does she have? How large is her practice? Can you talk with anyone who has seen her or knows someone who has? It wouldn’t hurt to see what your primary doctor has to say. If it did turn out to be positive, that would reassure you. If it wasn’t, you are still at choice. In the final analysis, you want to do what’s best as a parent. Quite often that’s not clear and requires study and experimentation. Parents, by definition, often have to break new ground and face new dilemmas to keep up with their kid’s issues, medical or otherwise. Why not follow you own intuition about the intuitive? I’m serious. Do your homework and then, if you feel so inclined, give it a try and see what your gut tells you. Blessings, Luise

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