How to Maximize Production by Helping Others Fit In

Question: Dear Luise: My employees seem to be floundering and I don’t know why. They have adequate supervision and detailed job descriptions, but I am getting inconsistent results. Do you have any background in this area and/or any suggestions? Thanks, Ben

Answer: Dear Ben: As a matter of fact, I was in mid-management in the disability claims depatment of a large insurance company for many years. And I know what you are talking about.

Looking back ovr my material, here’s a condensed version of what I learned and did my best to implement and support.

Workspace assignments need to be customized to suit the emotions and mechanical skills of individual employees.

Job descriptions often don’t take this into consideration, so what follows is best described as trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Such an approach can produce turnover and demoralization.

We know all people are not alike, but do we capitalize on this information? Looking beyond the mechanical approach to one of implementing a plan of managing a team with interest and compassion can be smart business.

When matching people to workload is approached wisely, the outcome can serve employee development and production, concurrently.

Look closely, talk to people, and don’t be afraid to try different solutions. Blessings, Luise

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