Enrolling In Namanti School of Massage, Sedona, Arizona

Question: Hi Luise: I really need some career advice because I am looking at going to the Namti School of Massage in Sedona, Arizona and relocating there. I have been in a dead end job and feel it is time to take a leap. Do you have any advice on working while going to school? I don’t want to set myself up to fail. And I am afraid that studying and working will burn me out and I will quit. Any tips? Thanks, Sheryl

Answer: Dear Sheryl: It is so interesting to hear from someone like you, when I often hear from people who say that there is nothing they can do to change their lives. They can! You can! How wonderful that you know it.

I would suggest that you give yourself a broad timetable. Burnout often comes with trying to do too much, too fast…for too long.

Decades before I ever met him, my husband decided to put himself through college. He had a young wife and they lived with his parents. In the custom of Italian immigrants, they turned over their paychecks to his parents and got carfare back! It took him ten years to get his B.A. Degree and he graduated magna cum laude. A very long and successful career in insurance underwriting followed…and he was always amazed, (and had to smile), when someone told him…”I never had a chance to go to college.”

Talk with the counselors at Namti. Ask for their advice regarding the pitfalls of a work/study program. Talk with other students. What are they doing that helps? What doesn’t? Be as careful as you can about amassing debt that has to be paid off after you graduate. It can be devastating and overwhelming to “arrive” and to not be where you wanted to be.

Hit Namti School of Massage in the best of health and with a great attitude. Give it all you’ve got and make sure that you enjoy the entire process! Blessings, Luise

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