How Can I Make a Small Room Look Big

Question: Dear Luise: My bathroom is small, (4 by10). Should I put bead board halfway or three quarters up the wall to give the appearance of being a larger room? C.

Answer: Dear C. That will make it look smaller. You don’t want to call attention to the walls; you want them to seem farther away.

Pick a soft, pale, quiet color and then put up relatively small pictures with lots of the same predominant color in them and small subject matter. That way they will fade into the wall color, as the wall fades into the distance. The softer and gentler you are in your decorating…the larger your room will appear.

In other rooms that are too small, using just a few pieces of under scaled furniture helps, as well as leaving the space open in front of large windows…but you have no such options in a bathroom.

My bathroom is smaller than yours and I think it’s gorgeous, (of course!) Blessings, Luise

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