Making A Relationship

Question: Hi: This is Jenny. I like a guy and want to know him. We both like each other but due to misunderstandings we do not speak. Besides everyone links us up and teases and that is why he does not even speak to me.

Answer: Dear Jenny: Well, you are really up against it, aren’t you? The silent treatment is like the Great Wall of China, right? You are going to have to get around that wall because there is just no way you are going to make a relationship in a vacuum.

Someone has to do something. Can you? Can you make yourself talk to this guy and suggest that you get away from all of those prying eyes and discuss the situation? It’s a must, or it’s all over. What’s all over? There is nothing really going on! See? So I would suggest you stuff your pride and embarrassment and do the best you can to get past the silence. If you fail, it can’t be any worse than it is right now. If he is willing to meet with you in private, you can find out if he likes you and what you can do to mend the stand-off you are both presently at the effect of. Not talking is no cure. If he doesn’t like you, face it and move on. What else can you do? If he does like you and is willing to admit it, find a way to face those who want to make fun of you. I know that’s not easy but if you just hang out together and face them down, once they know they can’t control you any longer, they will probably start teasing someone else. The “silence game” you’re presently involved in is playing right into their hands. Decide if it’s worth it, Jenny…if he is, and then do your best to make things right. Blessings, Luise

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