Anyone Out There Like Holiday Rambler Motorhomes

Question: Dear Luise: For the record we have owned Holiday Rambler motorhomes for quite a while. We are on our third! It’s fun to see how many other people agree with us when we hit a new park and start to get acquainted. This one is the “Biggie”…since it’s to be our home on wheels. Our question is about that. How do you make the transition? We want to know more about home base as opposed to non home base RVing. And we want to ask you to do more than brush past the dreaded subject of downsizing. We are retired and are getting rested up and restless, so it’s time for us to start the great adventure. Mae

Answer: Dear Mae: You have one heck of a motorized yacht there and have every right to be proud as punch. Holiday has been at it for a long time, not only designing and producing excellent RVs but also in organizing events for their owners. They’re great!

We chose a compromise between having a home base and being full-time RVers. Let me explain and maybe something like this will work for you. We did sell our home. We actually needed the funds to back us in our travels and we didn’t want to worry about it when we were miles away. We first thought about having a renter fund our escapades but we heard so many horror stories about doing that, we chickened out. So, we put it up on the block and parted with it. Not without a lot of emotion and misgivings, I must ad, but it did turn out to be what worked best for us.

OK, have I really been dancing around the subject of downsizing? If I have, I apologize. Downsizing quite naturally followed letting the house go. First we had to decide where we were going to put what we wanted to keep. We choose a park model trailer in a camping club for a “kind of” home base. It was also a great place to store stuff. Not much, because they are pretty small…luckily!

The actual sorting process was making three piles…1. Keep…2. Donate…3. Toss. We just tackled it one room at a time. Neither of us could consider a garage sale. The idea of watching others paw over our things while dickering over ridiculous prices sickened us. Many trips ensued to both the dump and the local thrift stores. Then, the rest went into our park model. Since we could only occupy it up to six months a year, it became our “sort of” home base.

That’s our story. Look at your needs, funds, energy and preferences…draft a plan and then sail off into the sunrise, unencumbered. Free! Whee! Blessings, Luise

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  1. D. November 23, 2008 at 7:29 pm #

    I have problems with my batteries, can you help me. I have a 2005 Scepter.

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